Flashing BIOS for NB30P

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Flashing BIOS for NB30P

Postby samo615 » 02/02/2011, 5:00

I sent this into Samsung support today. If someone has an answer to this, please reply. Otherwise, I will update everyone on the response I get.


I need to flash the Samsung NB30P Netbook's BIOS with the latest BIOS (Firmware) (ver.02KZ). The problem is that I have linux and the firmware will only run from Windows. I have booted into two different Windows PE environments from USB and WIN_02KZ.exe will not run. I get errors such as the battery is low or that EDM needs to be installed.
Do you have a DOS or Linux version that I may run or recommend any other alternative method that does not involve erasing everything to install Windows for the only reason of flashing the BIOS? Please escalate this ticket to senior technical support if your only answer is to kill linux and install Windows. This device is perfectly capable of running linux and it runs linux well.

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