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NB30 - Brightness

Postby Corno » 19/04/2011, 8:47

I own an NB30 netbook running Ubuntu Netbook 10.04, and I've tried numerous searches on finding drivers for the accelerometer and brightness keyboard controls (Even Ubuntu's controls don't work)

I found a few different methods to fix the brightness issue, but I just didn't know how to actually install them or the installation failed. My graphics card is Intel GMA 3150.

I have been trying to install the driver from http://intellinuxgraphics.org/ however, everytime I try to configure the source, it tells me i'm missing xorg-server, and then when I try to install that it tells me I'm missing "evieproto" and "trapproto".

Is there ANY easy way to install these drivers? Am I doing something wrong? Is it because I'm running Netbook edition that it's trimmed away some of these dependencies that aren't exactly easy to install?

(Note: I've never installed from source before, I've tried about 5-6 times, but it's never worked)

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