NC 10 PLUS: Touchpad doesnt work well

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NC 10 PLUS: Touchpad doesnt work well

Postby scar » 28/09/2011, 12:56

hi guys,

i’ve some problems with my touchpad. when i installed ubuntu 11.04 i could see the option panel/tab in the mouse preferences for touchpad, i dont know what was happening but a few weeks ago i didnt find the tab for touchpad. so i googled and found this:

i did check on my xserver with xinput list and my kernel with cat /proc/bus/input/devices but both files detected a ImPS/2 Generic Wheel Mouse, not my touchpad. first of all, i do not know what a touchpad the nc 10 plus have. a synaptics oder alps ?
thats very odd because i am sure that i saw the preferences a few weeks ago ... maybe it was a kernel update who made this, i dont know.
anywho, my horizontal scrolling doesnt work at all but my vertical scrolling. how can i fix this ?


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