Overheat with Chronos7 (NP700Z4A)

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Overheat with Chronos7 (NP700Z4A)

Post by hbreda » 25/02/2013, 0:41

Hi friends,
First, thanks to voRia to create this forum!
I'm running Kubuntu 12.10 with Proprietary 13.2 drivers and Jupiter.
(the community drivers mess up with touchpad and bluetooth)

I've followed the instructions to install the repository, but a had no gain of temperature. I'm stuck in 58~62ºC while in Windows 7 i get 51~53ºC. My battery is not during as in Win7...Is there any way to reduce the heat on it?
My use in kubuntu is much for work then games. I need my battery back! (notebook brand new! 06-12)

Any help will be much appreciated!


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