Dual boot - Samsung receovy system

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Dual boot - Samsung receovy system

Post by Diana » 29/12/2011, 2:25


I've bought a Samsung RV511 (very essential notebook), which has got Windows 7 Home Basic. I want to keep it for a while, but as I boutht it because I need it for my work, and I do work with Linux (Ubuntu or Kubuntu), I decided to have a dual boot as I've already got in my PC.
I made the partitions, installed Kubuntu and all was perfect, I had the menu to select the operating system, and everything in kunbunt worked just fine without needing to install anything else or without having problems with the drivers.
But when I went to Windows 7, Samsung Recovery System (or whichever is its name), started working, then I pressed cancel and the laptop started restaring, like it was in a loop. Then I realized that the Samsung's sofware deleted the groob. As I don't have the enough knowledge to recover the groob, I installed linux once again.
Right now it's working well, but I don't dare going to windows again. Is there a way to disabled that program? Because I know I have to keep it for a year for the warranty, so by now I can't delete it.
So, I'd like to know if there is a way to disable that program, thus I can use both operating system without having this issue again.

Thanks in advance for any idea or reply. Best regards!

PS: sorry for my English :(

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