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Ubuntu 11.10 on Samsung R519: problem with brightness

Posted: 24/02/2012, 18:40
by danon
Hello, everyone.
I have a problem with brightness control on my Samsung laptop R519. I'm currently using Ubuntu 11.10 with samsung-tools/samsung-laptop and other packages from voria ppa.
All Fn-keys work fine except brightness-keys. When I try to change the brightness level, a window appears and displays current level (and even changes this level) but in fact sreen brightness doesn't change.
When I bought the laptop (it was in 2009) I had the same problem. Then I found a solution on the Internet (which suggested install samsung-tools). It worked. But after that I upgraded kernel and brightness control stopped working and never worked again.

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danon@danon-laptop:~$ uname -a
Linux danon-laptop 3.0.0-16-generic #29~ppa1~loms~oneiric-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 13 17:20:14 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
My laptop model is: R519/R719

Could you help me to enable bbrightness control?

Re: Ubuntu 11.10 on Samsung R519: problem with brightness

Posted: 26/02/2012, 11:24
by yossarianuk
Yes try removing the samsung-laptop packahe and installing the


package - this should install the module for all kernels