NB30 wireless stopped working

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NB30 wireless stopped working

Postby fod » 04/06/2012, 2:16

Have been successfully using vorias stuff since I got this laptop (non touch screen nb30). I was using Linux Mint 12 and yesterday, the wireless just stopped working. I was surfing the web, and the internet just stopped working. So, restarted the laptop about 100 times and wireless simply won't connect. Lan connected works, other laptops in house work, so it has to be the NB30. I reformatted the laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 thinking a fresh install might sort out whatever was going on, but, alas, no joy. wireless still seeks a connection and simply will not connect. Lan works. I have samsung tools installed, and also samsung-laptop and samsung- backlight.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Thank you!

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