Does fan switch change processor or fan settings

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Does fan switch change processor or fan settings

Postby getut » 07/08/2012, 2:02

I'm trying to figure out exactly what the fan switch on my Sammy chronos series 7 running Mint 13 is actually changing now that I have the voria stuff installed.

1) Is it changing the fan settings? In other words does the overclock setting amp up the fan and keep the system cooler (all else being equal) which means the silent mode might suppress the fan letting the system run hotter for the same tasks.


2) Does it change processor settings? Overclock setting runs processor and video harder which MAKES the fan run harder/louder and the silent setting retards processor and video speeds which makes the fan run less.

I can speculate the answer but I would like a definitive one from someone who actually knows. I don't think this is as obvious as it seems. It is the term overclock that makes me think the fan setting may be tied to processor speed which has an INDIRECT affect on fan speed.

I want to run my system as cool as possible all the time to extend system life, so knowing exactly what this setting is changing can play a big role in that.

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