[N150P] Don't upgrade to kernel 3.2.0-30 !

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[N150P] Don't upgrade to kernel 3.2.0-30 !

Postby n150p » 07/09/2012, 13:29

Hi folks,

I just upgraded my machine (N150 plus) to the latest kernel 3.2.0-30 for Lubuntu.

I had to find out that this somehow messes with the wireless and fan controls and thus also affects samsung-tools. Wireless on my N150P does not work with that new kernel.

I don't know what they changed exactly and did not have the time to read through the changelog thoroughly. I did some ad-hoc troubleshooting but could not get it to work in a couple of minutes so I am using the -29 kernel instead where everything works fine.

I'm going to submit a bug report on launchpad as soon as I find the time to (maybe tonight). I recommend not upgrading for the time being.

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