Getting function keys to work on Samsung 350V5C

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Getting function keys to work on Samsung 350V5C

Post by lucacerone » 18/01/2013, 16:54

Dear all,
I just joined the forum trying to get the best out of my Samsung 350V5C.
I thank in advance whoever will be able to help me improving a few things.

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit on my laptop and everything worked fine except for the function

The brightness was fixed by setting a parameter in grub (acpi=vendor if I remember it correctly..), and didn't even required the installation of the samsung-backlight package.

However the other function keys don't work. The volume keys behave especially annoyingly because whenever I try to use them I can't "click" on the menus any more.

After installing samsung-tools and samsung-laptop the keys still don't work, but at least if I press them nothing happens, but the computer doesn't get stuck.
I have no idea where to start to find the problem and trying to fix it, can you give me any help?

Thanks a lot (especially to Voria who developed the packages!)

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Re: Getting function keys to work on Samsung 350V5C

Post by Abnerr » 22/03/2013, 12:51

Hi. I am also facing the same problem as I have Samsung 350V5c. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit which is perfectly working but the issue is function keys. I searched on the different websites for the troubleshooting but in vain.

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