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Skype mic problems and mixer problems on N220

Posted: 29/08/2013, 19:17
by Andy3142
Since I re-installed Lubuntu recently, the microphone volume on Skye is very, very low. In a test call I can hardly hear my own voice. This is true whether or not I set Skype to "let Skype control mixer." All sound devices are set to "default" and the Skype drop-down offers 10 or 12 options, far too many to test them all.

So, I tried to install a mixer. I tried pavucontrol and xfce4-mixer. These do not run at all, they fail on startup.

Alsamixer appears to work OK. Two of the mic settings were set to zero and I corrected this, but still no sound in Skype, if anything it is worse. And, there is now a constant hiss from the speaker, apparently due to the mic having a constant "presence". So, several questions:

(1) How do I get control of the microphone volume in Skype?

(2) What is the best mixer to use?

(3) If alsamixer is the best mixer, how do I stop the background hiss?

Many thanks