Fn keys on Samsung Ativ Book 8 (same as Series 7) on Arch

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Fn keys on Samsung Ativ Book 8 (same as Series 7) on Arch

Postby bitdivision » 02/10/2013, 2:17


I'm trying to get the function keys working on my Samsung Ativ Book 8, I've installed the AUR package for samsung-tools but still not having any luck.

The OS is booted via CSM (legacy BIOS) so UEFI shouldn't be causing any problems. The samsung-laptop kernel module seems to be loaded but samsung-tools doesn't have any effect.

Setting the fan speed does nothing, although the status does change. The keyboard backlight does not work at all, even echoing to the brightness file. xbacklight seems to work for screen brightness although this doesn't work via the function keys.

Does anyone have any idea where I've gone wrong?


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