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Linux Question

Post by Hansika » 08/05/2009, 7:56

One of my managers at work (this is a non technical place)(Panteras) has been trying to first dual boot xp/vista and then when he had that set up, he was going to try xp/vista/ubuntu.

My(His) question is that during installation and setup of the bootloader will it pick both the xp and vista partitions and put them into GRUB.
Ive told him it should, but he wants more convincing

The setup he is trying is 2 hard drivers vista on one and xp/ubuntu(eventually) on the other
Right now he can boot vista and read xp from vista
Right now is trying to use easyBCD


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RE: Linux Question

Post by summel » 08/05/2009, 9:41

Easiest thing to to would be wubi, which basically installs linux inside of windows, so it doesnt delete anything or something... if you dont want ubuntu anymore you just delete the "ubuntu" folder on the harddrive (afaik) ^^

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