NC10 and 2 monitors at the same time.

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NC10 and 2 monitors at the same time.

Post by crazyelk » 30/03/2010, 16:38


Anyone of you know how to use external and internal monitor at the same time without problems?

My problems:
- menu bars are ALWAYS on nc10 screen (it looks like internal LCD is always treated as primary and i don't know how to change that :( )
- in configuration "external above internal" Places menu disappears - my "Places" menu is quite big and normally (without external monitor) it shows up as scrolled-menu. When external monitor is connected it looks like menu wants to show up in up direction, but nothing shows up on my external monitor :(
- gdm is using resolution common for both monitors (800x600 in my case) - is there any chance to run gdm on only one monitor (even if external one is connected)? Gdm in 800x600 looks very bad :(

Ideal situation:
- generally I'm working on external monitor (menu bars, icons and other desktop stuff should be there) but internal lcd should be still active as "secondary" monitor (place for Rythmbox ;-) )
- gdm shows up only on one monitor, or on both but with better resolution

Anyone knows how to achieve that?

[NC10, Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04, external monitor: HP w2408h]

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Re: NC10 and 2 monitors at the same time.

Post by voria » 31/03/2010, 9:35

Hi and welcome. :)

You can drag and drop gnome panels between the screens, and place them where you want.

Concerning the gdm resolution, I don't think there is an easy and convenient way to set it as you want.
The X server uses a dinamically created configuration to set up all the connected hardware when it starts. This is why you get both screens enabled at the same resolution by default, if external monitor is connected.
To avoid this behaviour, you can write a custom (but static) 'xorg.conf' file, which for example enables only the external monitor at the resolution you want. On the other hand, this would led to unexpected behaviours if the external monitor is not connected when X server is started.
So, in my opinion, it does not worth the pain.
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