Maximum brightness

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Maximum brightness

Postby winemore » 15/07/2009, 12:41

By default, the maximum brightness achieved with Fn+UP is lower than one in winXP.
I know that hitting Fn+UP few times while in grub helps, but is there a way to increase it permanently ?

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RE: Maximum brightness

Postby Gerardeux » 16/07/2009, 14:08

You can change the setting in BIOS. From the NC10 ubuntu community page:

"Maximum brightness may be quite low if you don't disable the "auto" brightness feature in the BIOS (F2 at start-up). "

So setting it to "manual" and for one time do the trick during GRUB will work. I still think this is a pretty ugly method so if anyone knows a better way I would be glad to hear it.

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