Poor Flash 10 video performance

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Poor Flash 10 video performance

Post by booyau » 04/08/2009, 4:48

Has anyone else noticed poor Flash 10 video performance on Ubuntu? I'm running Jaunty with all of the latest Voria repository packages in netbook mode. Although I've been running this config for a while, I've only been frustrated by the performance of Flash lately. Not sure if that's because I hadn't watched many Flash movies online before or because it hadn't happened before.

IT seems like the processor is just running out of speed, as the video and audio just freeze for a moment or skip about every 3-5 seconds while watching. It happens much more when the video is still buffering or other pages are loading in Firefox. Once buffering is done, it can go for up to 10-15 seconds without skipping.

Anyone else going nuts from this poor performance or have any suggestions?

Here's an example video that skips, although most Youtube videos have just the same problem:

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RE: Poor Flash 10 video performance

Post by voria » 17/08/2009, 9:33

'booyau' pid='1699' dateline='1249357736' wrote: Anyone else going nuts from this poor performance or have any suggestions?
Suggestions? There aren't any.
We are talking about a binary blob of which we don't know and we can't do anything about, that for some reason has become a web de-facto standard. The only solution to this problem is to support and spread the voice about open formats.
Please consider a little donation to keep the 'Linux On My Samsung' project up and running. Thank you!

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