Samsung N120 on Ubuntu - Launchpad team

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Samsung N120 on Ubuntu - Launchpad team

Post by MagicFab » 14/09/2009, 14:34

Hi all

I have registered a new team for Samsung N120 users on Launchpad, any Ubuntu users interested can join:

The main purpose is to have a mailing list closer to Ubuntu's official resources, and also subscribe the team to any Samsung N120 - related bugs. So far I've filed one bug about the brightness controls issue, and subscribed a couple more:

I appreciate all the effort in finding workarounds and even providing custom packages for the N120, however I'd very much like official bug reports to be files against each and every issue found so the N120 support improves until nothing "extra" is needed.

I've also subscribed the team to "Linux on Samsung" Answers tracker, so any questions asked there can be answered by team members and perhaps turned into FAQs. This worked well for me in the past. Questions about any Samsung system running on Ubuntu can then be asked here:

This would not replace these forums in any way, and that's not what I am suggesting at all, quite the opposite. Launchpad team & projects about Samsung would just be the channel to put forward bug reports and work to have any fixes & workarounds officially integrated into Ubuntu.


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Re: Samsung N120 on Ubuntu - Launchpad team

Post by voria » 17/09/2009, 12:02


I completely agree with your points.
I was already thinking about creating a launchpad team, in order to organize and share in a better way the efforts done to fix issues on samsung netbooks, but I'm not completely confortable yet with all the great services launchpad has to offers, mainly because of the lack of time needed to learn how things work.
So, I have always postponed it.

Anyway, I have joined the team and I'll try to be participatory at the best I can. :)
Please consider a little donation to keep the 'Linux On My Samsung' project up and running. Thank you!

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