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Failed to fetch ...

Posted: 16/10/2009, 22:42
by Henk

First of all voRia a big thanks for your effort; the NC10 with the Ubuntu NBR really rocks! It IS my favourite netbook :-)

Two questions if I may:
1) Recently I get "W: Failed to fetch ... y_i386.deb 404 Not Found" what is wrong here?

2) Soon 9.10 will be released. Shall I upgrade to Karmic immediately or better wait a while and give you a change to catch up?


Re: Failed to fetch ...

Posted: 16/10/2009, 23:10
by Henk

libc-dev_2.6.31-14.46 is installed...

Re: Failed to fetch ...

Posted: 18/10/2009, 13:11
by voria
Hi :)

I think you have already solved the first problem.
Anyway, just for the record, you have to update your packages' indexes with

Code: Select all

sudo apt-get update
then retry to perform the system upgrade.

About the 2nd question, I will replace my current jaunty installation with karmic as soon as it's released, and I will completely drop jaunty support and start to work only on karmic.
Some work has already been done, and packages are available on the repository (nc10-scripts, nc10-backlight), so yes, I think you can update to karmic safely.