Newcomer with a query

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Newcomer with a query

Post by Squonk » 11/02/2010, 17:06

I am hopefully going to soon have an N140 to play with. I'm a Mac user with my main machines but I wanted something small and cheap to take away from home to let me download my photos to and for general email and browsing duties whilst away from home. The N140 looks like a great little machine for these purposes.

Being a Mac user I want to get some kind of Unix on there as my primary OS, although I plan to leave a small Windows partition there so that my small daughter can play a few lightweight Windows based games on it (assuming they will work on the N140).

My main question is this : I plan to install the Ubuntu netbook remix, will that take care of shrinking the Windows partition for me during a normal install or will I have to use other partitioning tools to do this with?

I do have a reasonable degree of Linux experience, dating back to the early 1990's when I alternated between various Linux builds and OS/2 in preference to Windows, and of course Mac OS is BSD under the hood so I'm hoping I'll get on well with Ubuntu NBR on the N140.

While I'm here for my first post, I just wanted to add how delighted I was to discover this resource. It looks like a great community and I hope I will soon be playing a full part in it - once I have my N140 :)

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Re: Newcomer with a query

Post by voria » 12/02/2010, 16:45

Hi and welcome to the forum. :)

You can easily manage partitions directly from the live system booted off the USB pen drive, by using dedicated tools like 'gparted' or directly during the installation process.
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Re: Newcomer with a query

Post by marshmn » 14/02/2010, 10:19


I also have an N140 and like you I wanted to use Ubuntu as my primary OS and just keep windows there in a small partition.

I got the N140 with winxp (I think it's also available with win7 starter) and during the initial setup of windows that it takes you through when you first turn on the machine it prompts you to select a partition split size for your windows C: drive and a D: drive data partition. So what I did was make the C: drive small and left the rest for D: Then, when I booted from the ubuntu live usb stick, I just deleted the D: data drive and installed linux in there. Worked fine for me at least.

Like voria says, there are tools on the ubuntu live usb image to help you resize your partitions if you need to etc.


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