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[NC10] [Karmic] Wifi Power management

Posted: 15/02/2010, 20:42
by sserdyuk

I am tuning my NC10 netbook for maximum battery life and one thing I've noticed missing is power management in ath5k drivers. In other words 'iwconfig wlan0 power on' fails to activate power-saving features. Is that by any chance a limitation of standard Karmic drivers? Has anybody figured out the solution?

I am thinking about trying to compile compat-wireless drivers but I do not know how to revert to standard drivers if compat drivers make no difference. Can someone maybe tell me how to test new drivers without installing them permanently?

Thank you!

Re: [NC10] [Karmic] Wifi Power management

Posted: 16/02/2010, 15:36
by voria
As far as I know, the ath5k driver does not support power management, but it supports rfkill function. You can kill the radio when wireless is not needed and save battery life with this command:

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iwconfig wlan0 txpower off

Re: [NC10] [Karmic] Wifi Power management

Posted: 18/02/2010, 15:23
by cywhale
somwhere I read about ath5k getting powersaving support with kernel 2.6.33 - but I do not know if this is still in the works. Replaced the wifi card with a Intel 5100agn which can be forced to enable powersaving mode using self-compiled driver (more recent than in karmic).

Re: [NC10] [Karmic] Wifi Power management

Posted: 18/02/2010, 18:50
by sserdyuk
Thank you! Appreciate your responses.