Touchpad and cordless mouse

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Touchpad and cordless mouse

Post by infoseeker » 09/06/2010, 17:13

Hi everyone,

I have a Samsung N140 with Lucid and the Samsung Tools installed. Everything actually works perfectly except the cordless mouse / touchpad combination.

If I remove the cordless mouse the touchpad does not work. If I start the laptop without the mouse plugged in I can actually move the mouse via the touchpad for a short time during the boot, then it freezes. FN keys dont fix anything either.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: Touchpad and cordless mouse

Post by voria » 17/06/2010, 14:32

In order to be sure it's not an hardware fault, can you test the touchpad with an other OS?
Also, when it works, does it stop working when the X server is started, or at a random time?
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