Sleep or Suspend and Resume issues on Samsung NC10?

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Sleep or Suspend and Resume issues on Samsung NC10?

Post by alexj » 25/05/2010, 20:44

Has anyone else on these forums had trouble with Suspend/Resume on their NC10? I'm running a relatively fresh install of 10.04 with the latest Kernal on my NC10 (with most recent BIOS) and am still having trouble suspending and resuming.

The only setup that works for me is when I suspend from the system menu with my AC cord plugged in. When I select this option, the screen saver comes on for one or two seconds and then the computer goes to sleep. When it wakes back up, the screen saver is on for a moment and then I get the "screen unlock" screen where I have to enter my password.

If I do anything differently (no AC cord, pressing the "Sleep key" (Fn + F1) and by closing the lid) then I'm unable to resume. When I awaken the computer (using the power button) I get only a blank screen and cannot use any controls. I'm forced to shutdown by holding down the power key. Interestingly, suspending using these settings (no AC cord, or by pressing the sleep key, or by closing the lid) doesn't turn on the screen saver for a split second either. It seems that when the screen saver turns on during the suspend process, then I'll be able to wake back up.

Does anyone have any ideas where I should go from here? I'm getting the idea that everyone else has worked out a solution to this problem, except me. For what it's worth, I've updated the repository following the guide on these forums. That hasn't fixed the problem. As far as I know, everything else on the computer (volume controls, screen brightness, etc) works fine. Thanks in advance for any guidance you guys can provide.

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Re: Sleep or Suspend and Resume issues on Samsung NC10?

Post by voria » 29/05/2010, 13:04

Sorry for the late answer, I've been a little busy these days. :(

So, accordingly to what you have described, it seems that you have some misconfiguration in your power management.
In some cases the suspend is managed by the gnome-power daemon, which takes all steps needed for a correct suspend cycle (one of them is to activate the screensaver) and at resume everything is ok, in other cases it's like the gnome-power daemon is not used and the suspend cycle fails.

Take a look at the 'gnome-power-manager' options and check they are all correct, also look at its advanced options by using the 'gconf-editor' utility (options are in /apps/gnome-power-manager).
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