Samsung N220 screen brightness and wireless

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Samsung N220 screen brightness and wireless

Post by robbie66 » 29/06/2011, 15:13

Hi this is my first post here so please be gentle with me!

I have very recently installed Ubuntu on my Samsung N220 Netbook, the latest release which I think is 11.04? I did this basically because it just didn't work well at all with Windows 7 Starter. Generally I am more than pleased with the way it works now, so much quicker and smoother.

The problem I am having is with the screen brightness and wireless. I will say as well that I am not a very technical person, I can find my way round a PC fine and understand the basics but start talking kernels and gnomes and you've lost me! Anyway I found a post somewhere else about installing something called "samsung-backlight". I had to do this with the Terminal app which was a bit nervy but I went through with it. To start with it seemed to work, I could adjust the screen brightness on battery power, which is just what I wanted.

I then noticed that the wireless stopped working, and eventually the only thing that could get it working again was to uninstall the backlight app from the Software centre. If I try and install it again I now get the worst of both, that has stopped working (no control of the brightness) and the wireless stops as well! I really don't know what to do.

I installed an app called "Tools for Samsung netbooks" from the Software centre as well but it says I have to get to this through the Terminal, but I don't know how! Have tried typing in "samsung-tools" but get "No actions specified".

Can anyone help me in ABC instructions? I basically want to adjust screen brightness while on battery power. I have tried searching for other posts but they all seem way too technical for me!

Thanks and this forum looks great as I try to get used to Linux/Ubuntu!


leandro melo
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Re: Samsung N220 screen brightness and wireless

Post by leandro melo » 30/07/2011, 0:28

Hello Rob,
you run the program for "samsung-tools" type ALT + F2, then a window will open for you to run the programs, then you type "samsung-tools-preferences". A new window will open and display the options Enable and disable Webcam, Bluetooth, wireless networking and more.
However, do not figure out how to operate the keys to decrease and increase the brightness of the screen. if you find out, please say how.


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