Suspend on R530

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Suspend on R530

Postby SpiraMirabilis » 13/07/2011, 10:25

I have been looking for a solution through the board and couldn't find one, forgive me if my search-fu is weak. However, I have a Samsung R530 and having installed samsung-tools and samsung-backlight I have control of my Fn buttons and the brightness which is nice. However, now whenever the laptop goes into suspend when I wake it up the screen will stay dark as if the backlight has been turned off.

This is really suboptimal and I'd rather have no control of the backlight than this. I am using Linux Mint 11, which is based on Ubuntu 11.04.

I had this same problem with Ubuntu 10, but eventually just gave up and was dealing with one constant backlight setting rather than have it never come back on. But I thought I would seek expert attention this time.

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Re: Suspend on R530

Postby icekool » 28/07/2011, 1:57

I posted a question on this shitty forum nearly a year ago and got no answer, so don't hold your breath.

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