Problem with R560 backlight levels

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Problem with R560 backlight levels

Post by WakiMiko » 15/07/2010, 0:15

First of all, many thanks to you guys for these scripts, finally I can use my Samsung R560 with Ubuntu 10.04 to the full extend. Webcam/fan/wireless controls and fn keys all work.

However, there remains a small problem with the backlight control:
The increase/decrease brightness keys work in really big steps, meaning that when the backlight is at 100% and I press decrease key five times, the backlight will be at what seems to be the lowest level. The popup indicator bar however is still at about 50%. This wouldn't be too much of an issue, but when I press the decrease brightness key once more the backlight turns completely off, with no way to get it back on. Pressing the backlight toggle key (fn + f5, which btw works fine normally) sometimes lets it flicker for a second, but it ultimately stays off.

Is there a way to "spread" the backlight steps over the full indicator bar or to set a lowest possible brightness level after which further "decrease" actions are ignored?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Problem with R560 backlight levels

Post by voria » 26/07/2010, 11:30


your model ships with a nvidia video card, right?
Try these solutions: ... 3855#p3855
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