gpointing-device-settings segmentation fault

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gpointing-device-settings segmentation fault

Postby phillord » 05/11/2010, 13:15

Hello all!

I have just moved my Samsung NB30 to Maverick. After reactivating the voria ppa, everything is working much better (especially the wireless, which is now recovering from hibernate!). However, I am having a problem with the touchpad. Essentially, I really need to switch the tapping off -- I am mostly keyboard centric anyway, and keep hitting it with my thumb.

Now, with lucid (with voria ppa) and maverick (before I re-enabled Voria), I used gpointing-device-settings to switch this off. Unfortunately, after re-enabling the ppa, it's not crashing with a segmentation fault; this leaves the touchpad in the default state, with tapping.

Erm, anyone one got any hints, as what to do next?

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