No working FN keys on my Samsung N150. Please Help!

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No working FN keys on my Samsung N150. Please Help!

Post by reptile » 10/08/2010, 14:52

Hi, I would like to have working FN-keys espacially the keys for dimming the brightness (arrowkeys).

I tried the samsung-tools and istalled it. With no difference.
Then I installed samsung-brightness witch resultes no changes, too.
When I start samsung-tools all Buttons are activated, but why isn't there one for the arrow keys?

This ones works for me:

ESC go to sleep
F3 switches Webcam
F6 mute
Pos1 and End

My system:
Samsung N150 Eom
Ubuntu netbook remix Lucid Lynx 10.04

I hope you could give me an advice, to solve the problem.

Thanks a lot!

Get it by myself:
needed to update my system first ::)
maybe old kernel or somthing...

please close the threat

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