So I just got an NB30... help?

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So I just got an NB30... help?

Postby Derachi » 11/08/2010, 3:19

So I just bought a Samsung NB30 netbook, the one that's all wavy on top. It came with Windows 7 Starter, and I said "eff that" and I decided to put Ubuntu on it. Now, I know next to nothing when it comes to Linux, so please go easy on me if the answer to this is simple, but how do I connect to a wireless network?

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Re: So I just got an NB30... help?

Postby Ximik » 11/08/2010, 10:45

You should use NetworkManager-gnome. Most commom position for it (in gnome) is in top-right. Try to find.

Or (if think, that you have problems with driver) execute from console "iwconfig" and put the output hear.

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