samsung-tools applet under xfce4

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samsung-tools applet under xfce4

Post by tkoun » 17/10/2010, 14:41


in case somebody is under xubuntu to get the samsung tools applet working you have to

1) install the xfce4-xfapplet-plugin package
that lets you import gnome applets in the xfce4 panel

if you get an error that the applet cannot be loaded then you have further to
2) install the python-gnomeapplet package (I guess this should be a dependency of the samsung-tools)

and it will work (at least it ded for me)

by the way samsung-tools is an excellent piece of work (however it is a pity that samsung scripts is no longer
supported in lucid and on since it provides a clean and minimal solution for those who like to stay to the basics)


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