hard disk busy for 4 hours and more, blocking my system

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hard disk busy for 4 hours and more, blocking my system

Post by Wuxiren » 27/10/2010, 20:09

Hi All,

I have a Samsung N148 and i installed Ubuntu 10.04. I wanted to use FN Keys, especially the keys for the backlight. FN-Key for Sound, Mute and Stand by already worked from the first days. After read some threads in that forum i installed the samsung tools, samsung backlight and samsung wifi. And just i changed the grub.

Wifi key worked, so far
There is still the same problem. If i use the backlight key, wifi buttun, backlight up/down buttons, after some seconds the harddisk works a little, works a little more and than only. The hard disk works so busy that i can do nothing, cursor is not moving, every way to do something is blocked by the working hard disk. On a really unlucky day the hard disk is running 4 hours full speed.
Before that i had another adventure. I used the Backlight key (FN+F5) and my screen looks like a disco light, switch on switch off the backlight, switch on switch off, switch on switch off. That funny behavior was only stoppable by a brutal shut down after 10 minutes.

Please help me, i sit on that new cute netbook for 2 weeks only to adjust basic functions, that's rediculous.

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