A question about the Voria kernels

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A question about the Voria kernels

Postby DervishD » 19/11/2010, 10:18

Hi all :)

I'm using the Voria kernel under Maverick, but I think my question applies to older versions, too.

The thing is that the last Voria kernel available for Maverick is 2.6.35-22.36, but the latest Maverick kernel from Ubuntu is 2.6.35-23.40. I know this is not a problem since the Voria drivers will work for this image, too, but of course the running kernel image is different.

Can this lead to problems? I mean, running the Ubuntu image with the Voria drivers. I haven't noticed any problem yet, but just in case I wanted to ask to avoid surprises in the future.

Thanks a lot in advance :)


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