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NB30 backlight & suspend woes

Posted: 28/12/2010, 14:59
by jlparsons
Hi folks,

EDIT: backlight issue sorted - acpi vendor line was in the wrong place in grub... duh, newbie...

I have an issue with suspend/resume on my samsung nb30, it seems to suspend fine but then when resuming it hangs, the screen doesn't come on and just the power and wireless LEDs glow blue. I've not installed samsung-wireless as I found the wireless worked out of the box and installing samsung-wireless actually disabled it. Might his fix the issue, assuming I can get it working?

I was wondering whether anyone had tried replacing the half-mini-pcie card in their samsung with an atheros or similar wifi card with good linux support? They seem very cheap online.

Re: NB30 backlight & suspend woes

Posted: 28/12/2010, 22:24
by jlparsons
Ok update - I installed samsung-wireless which worked fine this time (new kernel?) and managed to find a workaround which let me resume from suspend. However, on resume I lose wifi. I've found a couple of posts referring to this problem with 9.10 and 10.04, anyone know what's going on with 10.10 and this issue?

Cheers folks!

Re: NB30 backlight & suspend woes

Posted: 29/12/2010, 22:08
by jlparsons
Intriguing update - there seems to be some sort of conflict between samsung-backlight and lubuntu's power manager applet. It seems one wants to set the backlight high and the other low and they fight over it - result is a flashing backlight! This is happening occasionally and is solved by logging out and back in again. I've set the power manager applet settings such that it should never be changing the backlight level anyway but this did not solve the issue. Any ideas anyone...?

Re: NB30 backlight & suspend woes

Posted: 31/12/2010, 14:11
by jlparsons
Not to worry - have changed to jolicloud which all worked perfectly straight out of the box. OS seems impressive, bit restrictive in some senses but so far the best netbook OS i've tried (and I think I've now tried them all except chrome OS). Lubuntu was a close second but for its issues.

Re: NB30 backlight & suspend woes

Posted: 03/01/2011, 3:20
by ppmt

I have also an NB30 and have the same problem regarding suspending

It suspends properly but I can not bring it back

You said that you found the solution for the suspend. Can you please let me know what you

Re: NB30 backlight & suspend woes

Posted: 05/05/2011, 22:55
by jlparsons
SOrry for such a late reply, I suspect you've already sorted it or given up! But for the benefit of those who google it, edit your /etc/default/grub file (with command "sudo gedit /etc/default/grub" or similar) and find the line that looks a bit like this:


Then add the statement:


inside the quotation marks on the right separated from whatever else is in there with a space. Worked for me!

Re: NB30 backlight & suspend woes

Posted: 06/05/2011, 2:22
by ppmt

You first assumption was correct I sorted it and I am guilty of not coming back to say it

But since then I actually removed it because it was killing the battery

Before the changes my wife could easily get 6 to 7 hours out of it after I changed it
she could barely do 2 hours on it.

It took me some time but I eventually found out it was that parameter.

I removed it and since then the battery is back to normal.

And the funny thing is that resume/suspend is still working so I guess some update must have
fix the problem since.