sleep/hibernate: both do not work at all

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sleep/hibernate: both do not work at all

Postby superbad » 29/01/2011, 18:05

Hi all, I'm sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else but I couldn't find a post about it specifically. I'm running ubuntu (actually jolicloud) on my N120, and recently installed Samsung Tools 1.3.1 in order to enable the Power Manager Brightness Applet 2.30.0. That is working fine, but now both sleep and hibernate are disabled. when I choose sleep or hibernate from either the power key press or the sleep FN key or the power icon, the screen goes black (though does not turn off) and the computer remains on. a swipe on the mousepad wakes the screen back up, I'm asked for my password, and the desktop comes back as if nothing had happened. it's as if the "sleep" command is now just a "turn the screen off like a screensaver" command. I've read many posts on here about the computer not coming back from sleep, or wifi not working after sleep, but I haven't read anything about the sleep/hibernate function not working at all. any help would be greatly appreciated!


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