Ubuntu 10.04.1 with voRia ppa unstable on N230 / Kubuntu OK

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Ubuntu 10.04.1 with voRia ppa unstable on N230 / Kubuntu OK

Post by rori » 09/02/2011, 21:07


FIrst of all - great to have this ppa and all the efforts to bring Samsung netbooks to live under Linux.

On my new Samsung N230 I have installed a fresh Ubuntu 10.04.1 from USB Flash drive.

1. updating all packages and
2. installing the Broadcom STA wireless drives I
3. made a reboot and
4. I added your ppa repository and made a full update again to get the new packages from voRia and so on.

Already here the system started to react "strange" and the GUI somewhat froze, no improvements after reboots or after adding *N230* in keyboard-release-rules.

5. I installed samsung-backlight and samsung-tools

I have reinstalled 3 times trying to variy the steps above resulting always in an unstable system both before or after step 5. User experience so far is that I see
* full GUI unresponsiveness ((other ttys (<> tty7) still responding (tty7: mouse still moving, but nothing is clickable))
* running programs (like firefox) or start panel becomes unresponsive (mouse still moving)
* Network manager connects succesfully to the router, but the icon still showed the exclamation mark ("no connection"-icon, even though there is a working WLAN connection)
* Also using any FN key adjustments seem to trigger instability as clicking it once does not release the keys anymore (even with keyboard release rules adjusted previously) .

Using the same installation sequence in fresh, fully updated Kubuntu 10.04.1 will result in
* a - so far - stable system -
* normally behaving network manager
* even though the backlight FN-keys only work a couple of times before the keys become useless and do not react anymore (until rebooting) - (keyboardreleaserules unchanged).

1. Anyone having the same experience or any clue how to debug this in standard Gnome environment (Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu))?
2. After a little reading on launchpad I have the impression that the next version "Meerkat" might bring out-of- the-box-support in regards to FN-keys, Is that only rumors or is that confirmed already?

Thank you for any helpful comments, good advice - I am here to learn from the more experienced :-)

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