N350 Stability with Debian

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N350 Stability with Debian

Postby shanghai1979 » 02/08/2011, 14:38

any netbook users out there using samsungs with linux? I've an N350 that is suffering all sorts of file system corruptions and major stability issues. Installed Debian but have tried Ubuntu too. Very unstable, now all applications core dump including apt as root....

Lots of "abort" messages from apps in dmesg now. This is the 5th re-install. I've tried with and with out LVM and encryption, with and with out truecrypt for home directory only. Tried replacing hard disk, scanned for bad blocked. Run memtest86+ all passed.

At a loss really. I've installed the samsung scripts but with out them no wifi and no function keys to set brightness etc.

Very messy netbook.

Keen to hear from others with netbooks and linux.

Don't mind to replace this but need to know what new netbook works with linux ideally out of the box and has a 6 cell battery.

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