Lubuntu and my Samsung NB30 - need help please.

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Lubuntu and my Samsung NB30 - need help please.

Post by turbolad » 16/04/2011, 22:10


It's been a while since posting in this forum. I now use the latest beta version of Lubuntu (a lightweight version of Ubuntu) on my Samsung NB30. I have the latest kernel and this Lubuntu beta is based on the Natty version of Ubuntu.

Here are the problems I'm having with it:

The default wireless driver floods my logfiles with this message:
rtl819xE:No more TX desc@6, ring->idx = 0,idx = 0,52

If I put the lid down on the netbook to save power, after resuming from power saving, the wireless stops working (it says "Device not ready").

I know Voria offers some tools, problem is that installing them also installs CPUFreq - this makes Flash player constantly crash. Without CPUFreq, Flash player rarely crashes.

Please help! :'(
Thank you for reading. Hope someone can help me.

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