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NB30 and 11.04, report

Posted: 06/05/2011, 13:48
by phillord
Just installed 11.04 on my NB30.

I have somewhat inconsistent behaviour. Wireless seems to work out of the box (without the Voria PPA). Touchscreen works positionally but can't simulate mouse click. Backlight brightness is uncontrollable -- if you are running on power when booting, the screen stays bright, if you are running on battery is stays (unreadably) dark.

Installing samsung-backlight (only) solves the backlight problem. However, running an update
after adding the ppa (which loads the custom kernel) broke it again (!?), as well as producing what appears to be a less reliable wireless connection. The touchscreen worked afterwards though.

So, all a little frustrating. The backlight is critical issue for me -- obviously a laptop is not very usable without a visible screen, then the wireless, with the touchscreen as a "nice to have but...."

Sorry this is not the clearest of reports. It's hard to reproduce this stuff reliably -- once the kernel update has happened from the PPA, I haven't worked out how to go backward to a clean system other than by reinstalling (which natty does make easy these days, preserving all my user files).


Re: NB30 and 11.04, report

Posted: 06/05/2011, 18:21
by nb30
Did you install from scratch or upgrade?

I booted from a USB to test 11.04 and both wireless and touchscreen (position and click) seemed to be working, so I then upgraded. I then added the ppa to get samsung-backlight, which I had forgotten to test and wasn't working.

I've now got wireless that works from boot but drops if I close the lid and doesn't come back unless I do "sudo rmmod r8192e_pci; sudo modprobe r8192e_pci". I also seem to lose the touchscreen at some point, probably at the same time though I've not extensively tested that.

I ask about the upgrade/from scratch because I'd edited all sorts of files to get the touchscreen and wireless working in the previous version, blacklisting provided drivers and installing from source or PPA and I think some of that configuration was hanging around and confusing things, so I intend to re-install to see if it works any better. At least I'll be starting from a known place.

Re: NB30 and 11.04, report

Posted: 16/05/2011, 13:17
by phillord
nb30 wrote:Did you install from scratch or upgrade?

I installed from scratch.

Incidentally, I have a workaround for the problem with the backlight. Essentially the brightness control is balked the first login, but logging out solves the problem. Logging out can be problematic if you can't see the screen well, of course.

This is fine, but it aggravates a problem with the wireless -- I find that if you log out BEFORE the wireless has connected, you can't login again.

The touchscreen is working now, and also multi-touch scrolling on the mouse pad.