Ubuntu 11.04 on N220 - samsung-wireless kernel panics

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Ubuntu 11.04 on N220 - samsung-wireless kernel panics

Postby airbaggins » 13/05/2011, 16:03


First, thanks for your work on the voria repository. I've just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04 and re-activated the voria ppa, and have spent more time trying to get the on-board wifi to work again (using your samsung-wireless, I had been using a USB wifi dongle before). So I started using r8192e_pci_realtek (which shows up as just r8192e_pci with lsmod when loaded but I think the right file is loaded) and it does work with the on-board wifi (exciting). However, when I start downloading something substantial using it, I'm often getting a kernel panic. I think it's the IRQ handler from the stack trace I was presented a couple of the many times that it was doing this. In fact, I couldn't work out how to reboot from this situation and even the hold-down-the-power-button-for-10-seconds trick to power off didn't work! I had to unplug the charger and remove the battery before it would switch off! :(

I can't find any useful dumps of info from the panics in my /var/log so I'm not sure where to report them. I'm hesitant to try it again as I don't think removing the battery to power down the machine is going to be good for it in the long run.

Oh well, any help, or sympathy gratefully received. ::)


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