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Custom kernel on samsung laptop + samsung-tools + ?? on r540

Posted: 12/07/2011, 23:59
by l0ner
Hi. I'm new here.
Recently I installed Debian on my one-year old Samsung r540. Till now I've been using windows because of many reasons (mainly school), but I just couldn't stand how windows manages some things. Before buying samsung I had old acer travelmate 2424 running under Gentoo and I loved how it worked. Since I hate ubuntu, and can't install gentoo right now (no kde 3.5) I decided to install Debian. Installation went ok, I installed everything what I needed and then noticed some problems which I resolved following tutorials i found in Internet. And when I was thinking everything was over noticed some strange things:
1). Random backlight flickering - Fn-[up][down] seems to set backlight level randomly, and the backlight level changes itself at random
2). Overheating - the fan spins only at lowes speed and when the CPU temp raises it won't begin to spin faster
3). High power consumption - on windows battery holds for 2-3 hours (depending on use), on linux only 1 hour. I installed samsung-tools and turned on all power-saving options, but without effect.

Since I found that last kernel versions are providing module for samsung laptops, I thought about trying to compile custom kernel for my r540, and trying resolve problems I noticed like that (or after). After many kernel panics I managed to get working kernel config. But all the problems I had at start returned: no backlight level regulation, no Fn keys working, overheating, CPU runs at full speed, hi power consumption, no gestures and multitouch in touchpad and so on.
Could someone provide me, or tell me what exactly I need in my kernel and what and in what order I need to install in order to get linux working right?