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What HDD for Samsung N350 7mm?

Posted: 16/07/2011, 19:43
by shanghai1979
My hdd keeps corrupting in my N350 netbook. OS is Debian 6 with ext3 on root. If the battery runs out and the system dies the whole FS corrupts every single time. It's a real killer.

Thinking maybe it's the disk. It's not normal for the whole system to be taken out so badly by a crash / unclean shutdown.

So is there any option to put a different disk in the N350? I note that the current disk in there is 7mm thick while normally disks are 9.5mm thick. I've tried fitting a 1Tb disk before but it was too thick to fit in the case. Maybe another disk will fit in the case.

anyone upgraded from the standard 250Gb disk before? was thinking about a 128Gb ssd.
Crucial seem to think a 9.5mm thick SSD will fit but I am worried I'll waste my money.