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N145 backlight problem and Fn+F9 doesn't work

Posted: 23/07/2011, 1:48
by roscibaldi
I've got the same problem in Natty and Debian Wheezy with XFCE:
the backlight adjustment works perfectly while I've GDM log in screen. But when the proper WM is loaded, I can change brightness only from maximum to minimum with fn keys with no medium steps. Adjustment with an applet in the XFCE panel works fine and there are many levels of brightness.
In Lucid with XFCE everything works fine.

Any hint what's the solution?

In Natty and Debian Wheezy the WiFi switch Fn + F9 doesn't work, too. In Lucid iit works great.

I'd appreciate any help

Re: N145 backlight problem and Fn+F9 doesn't work

Posted: 31/07/2011, 23:24
by petrtab

I'm sorry, but not control English language, because I use machine translation.
Setting the backlight can console command
"sudo setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B = 5" (5% brightness)
"sudo setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B = FF" (100% brightness)

The overall solution is here:

http://twistedpairdevelopment.wordpress ... ly-others/

I hope I helped a little.
Have a nice day ...