Samsung QX412

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Samsung QX412

Post by silberzin » 27/07/2011, 11:00


I have Samsung QX412 and just installed Ubuntu 11.04

I have a problem with WiFi button. Nothing happen when I press it. I have isnternet, but it will be nice to turn off WiFi by button. Combination "Fn + F9" works

Problem number two is back light. I tried follow the configuration steps in previous posts and also install back light packages from your sources, but that do not help.
When I press "Fn"+ button up. or down there is no change with brightness.
Can you help???

Last problem is with the mouse.
Touch pad is whired, right click works as double click, and is difficult to drag and drop files because of left click.

Can you please help.
Maybe small installation package to slove that. In this way others will have easy way to fix the problems.

I have installed Samsung tools. They works just fine.

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Samsung QX412 - Mouse

Post by lzoltan » 24/07/2012, 18:38

This patch manages the mouse issue, especially with an external one:
Need some basic linux skills to apply, but works fine.

I didn't have the wifi issue, on other notebooks often works if you boot Ws and switch on wifi then boot w linux.


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