"dangerous" apps/plugins list for NC10

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"dangerous" apps/plugins list for NC10

Postby ossas81 » 16/04/2009, 5:44

I've twice ran into trouble with compiz plugins (Ubuntu 8.10) on my Samsung NC10 which have forced me to completely remove and re-install compiz. In one case (Magnifier), I was unable to even get the shell to appear, and had to go into repair mode. We should probably compile a list of various plugins/apps that are no good for the NC10.

So far, I've found these compiz plug-ins may kill your NC10 display and require a purge of compiz, even if you just accidentally click on them in the settings manager:

Bicubic filter

There must be more. I'm afraid of testing out some of the plug-ins. I may even remove the bad ones altogether.

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RE: "dangerous" apps/plugins list for NC10

Postby voRia » 16/04/2009, 15:25

You are right, both plugins you listed don't work.
Anyway, they both work in jaunty. :)
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