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Touchpad problem - NF210

Posted: 07/08/2011, 11:45
by himegoto
Hi. I spent a whole day and a half looking for a fix.. even read some post here but none really helped.

This is my first experience with Linux so please bear with me I have no idea about the scripts.
I am using a ubuntu11.04 based distro, Ping Eee (netbook ver. of PinguyOS)

Most the things works except for tuning the backlight with fn and mutlitouch for the pad. Which Im sure many of you can identify with...
I got the backlight working with samsung tools and the backlight fix, thanks for that.
Now for the life of me how to get multitouch working?

I found this post ... ostcount=8
When I punch in "synclient" it tells me "couldnt find synaptics properties. No synpatics driver loaded?"

Please help out a newbie here.. Thanks.

Re: Touchpad problem - NF210

Posted: 24/08/2011, 4:47
by himegoto
anyone can help?