Ubuntu 9.10 on Samsung N148

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Ubuntu 9.10 on Samsung N148

Post by surjagain » 18/04/2010, 6:31

First of all I want to thank Voria for this really incredibly useful forum and the tremendous work he is doing for improving the Linux experience on Samsung netbooks etc.

I bought a Samsung N148 netbook for a few specific reasons. I trust the Samsung brand which has very good after sales service here in Kolkata, India. I wanted a cheap but well built no frills netbook for simple tasks, like reading ebooks, websurfing, chatting, watching ripped movies and listening to MP3s. I did not want any preinstalled OS like Windows XP or Windows 7 because that would only add to the cost and I don't think they are suitable for netbooks. I looked around a bit and found the N148 to be the one I liked.

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic on my N148 and it ran pretty well except of course the Fn buttons mentioned in this forum. I didn't need most of the Fn functions except the brightness control buttons Fn + up and Fn + dn which are really essential to me. To make them work I installed the PPA as instructed and after the kernel update I think everything works fine :). This is really amazing. Thank you for the help I have received from this forum. If there are any recommendations to improve my experience on this netbook, please do let me know.

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Re: Ubuntu 9.10 on Samsung N148

Post by voria » 20/04/2010, 9:08

Glad to know everything is working good for you. :)

Talking about recommandations, there are various things you can do to improve battery life of your netbook. For example, you can enable and configure 'laptop-mode-tools', in order to have a better power management. With Karmic you have to do it manually (look at this thread).
With the next-to-be-released Lucid, a new application will be available which allows a friendly configuration of various aspects related to power management. For more informations, take a look at this thread.
Please consider a little donation to keep the 'Linux On My Samsung' project up and running. Thank you!

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