Samsung N110 Fn keys in Statler/Squeeze

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Samsung N110 Fn keys in Statler/Squeeze

Post by charl » 10/05/2010, 14:09

Hi there,

I have since my last post moved away from Ubuntu, now I am running the #!Crunchbang 10_Statler built on the upcoming Debian Squeeze. Really loving the system.

And I am going to stick with this ditro.

So I am busy working my through all the functions I want to have running, the Fn keys are a big one.

My work in progress post is here, ... -progress/

The previous version of #! was built on Ubuntu 9.04, so brightness was controlled using xbacklight, it seems xbacklight isn't supported on the new platform.

Any ideas of how to control to brightness now?

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Re: Samsung N110 Fn keys in Statler/Squeeze

Post by voria » 13/05/2010, 19:54

Probably you need the 'samsung-backlight' kernel module to enable the brightness control.
I think the current package available on the repository for lucid should work good even for crunchbang, I suggest to give it a try.
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