I wont install linux, because

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svlad cjelli
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I wont install linux, because

Post by svlad cjelli » 09/06/2010, 13:32

... of the poor battery-performance.
Ich installed Lucid with the exellent PPA of Voria on my Samsung n130, and my battery-performance dropped down 2 hours :(

Now my n130 is broken and i purchased an N210. In german ubuntu-forums users say, that the battery-life drops down even more.

Laptop-mode is/was enabled and correctly set up (see vorias instructions)

Is there a chance that sometime Linux uses as much power as Windows?

i am a bit frustrated, because Windows 7 is bloated up and under Linux i have to abandon 2 or 3 h of battery-life

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Re: I wont install linux, because

Post by voria » 17/06/2010, 14:27

Unfortunately this is the best we can have right now. :(
Please consider a little donation to keep the 'Linux On My Samsung' project up and running. Thank you!

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