i reset my BIOS

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i reset my BIOS

Postby gegewali » 13/08/2010, 10:42

hey i had this problem on my computer that is now fixed but while trying to fix that problem i reset my BIOS by taking the battery out SO now i can't start my computer, i get this disk read error and everything is set to master and just everything caos, so since i know just a tiny bit about computers can you help me with this, but should be set to slave and what should be set to master and how do i change those things couse everything is set to master here and i have tried to change it but i can't, i just can't find a way to change it to slave and i don't even know what theese things do, i have 1 cd dvd drive and 2 other things some hd or somthing lol so just please help me config this right so i can get into my computer thank you.
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Re: i reset my BIOS

Postby turbolad » 01/09/2010, 21:06

Find the brand and model of motherboard, which you can normally see printed on the motherboard itself. Visit the motherboard manufacturer's website on another computer and download the manual.

Try posting in a different forum that specialises on the subject of computer BIOSes such as http://www.wimsbios.com/

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