No Harddisk spin-down in Maverick

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Nixus Maximus
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No Harddisk spin-down in Maverick

Post by Nixus Maximus » 16/10/2010, 9:19

Hey guys,

since I upgraded to Maverick, my harddisk does not spin-down in battery mode any more. Of course, the option is ticked in the power management preferences. Anyone observed the same behaviour? Any suggestions?

I have a NC10


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Re: No Harddisk spin-down in Maverick

Post by turbolad » 23/10/2010, 20:02

I know this used to be caused by the hdparm.conf file not being parsed properly; I'm not sure if this has been fixed. Example: ... dparm-conf

I think the hard drive can be powered off if this file is edited, saved, and then Maverick rebooted, I'm not 100% sure?

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