Ubuntu Maverick with Unity on my Samsung

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Ubuntu Maverick with Unity on my Samsung

Post by svenmeier » 15/11/2010, 19:53

Hi all,

I've installed Ubuntu Maverick on my NC10, added Samsung Tools and everything seems to work alright. Battery time seems to be comparable to 10.04.

*But* the Unity interface is dead slow on my Netbook - switching between application takes several seconds :(.
Anyone noticed this issue too?



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Re: Ubuntu Maverick with Unity on my Samsung

Post by Nimmo » 15/11/2010, 20:54

I think that I might have had the same issue, not sure...

I just remember that I started trying to use Unity, but it irritated me to no end, I likely had sluggish response, but switching back to Gnome has been nice, smooth and lovely.

(Well, apart from my FN keys not working, but that's the topic for another thread, which I might start up soon once I finish some more research...)

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